How to initiate a hookup through text: 5 simple tips

Casual sex is probably the only area where the initiative is paid double. If you’re really persistent in your desires and organizing the meeting, you’ll get laid with a higher guarantee.

  • “You are exactly my type, I will spoil you and fully satisfy you!” Although it sounds too good, many singles are greatly excited by such a statement, so text it and see.
  • “Let’s discover together our naughty sides tonight?” People seek relaxation in their casual affairs, so they’ll be highly motivated by such an initiative of yours.
  • “Do you enjoy deep kisses while having sex? I do”. When folks join the best hookup app or site, they want the maximum of enjoyment and sensuality. Use that in texting.
  • “I always combine good sex with good food, want to join me?” If you’re ok with getting a meal to your hookup, use the food factor for seduction, it works well.
  • “Got a lot of whipped cream, do you like it on your body?” It’s an element of romance and eroticism, so you’ll attract many hot persons with the help of this simple trick.,