Dating in Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian ladies as well as Russians are very beautiful and devoted creatures. They can turn the life of the man in a fairy tale. Slavic women are really special, they have their own characters (usually kind and sensitive), their traditions, they respect the history of their native country and try to become wonderful wives and mums. If you wish to live a life with such woman you should know something more about her native country and the city she lives.

We may say that the only thing that never complains foreign man, who have married Russian or Ukrainian woman is boredom. Almost every episode of life is interpreted differently in the international couple. There are the main things that foreign men should know about Slavic women in order to understand them.

–         Russian and Ukrainian women can not understand the “cold” relationship of parents to their adult children. How is it possible that mother-in-law refuse to help young families financially? Or refuse to look after their grandchildren? Russian couple, consider such behavior inappropriate, and they do not realize that European parents do not want to encroach on the independence of their children and their families. But foreign men who continue to live with his “half” in Russia or Ukraine, cannot understand why all of Russia’s relatives actively participate in their family life. And the most annoying thing for them is when strangers on the street shout that “Your children are not dressed appropriate”.

–         It turns out that even sexual relations, are very different in the European and Slavic countries. The Europeans, tend to discuss their sex lives with each other, and with their friends. Russians and Ukrainians prefer to remain silent about this topic. The Russians, according to many men, “are doing everything to ensure that their spouses are happy. They are very sexy, not spoiled as an American or Europeans, and they cook well”.  Although food is often the subject of conflicts.married Russian or Ukrainian woman

–         Slavic people cook more than it is needed. They prefer to cook tasty and full meal, and usually in huge portions. As Ukrainians and Russians are very hospitable, they always wait for guests, that’s why they cook a lot of different meals. Just try to imagine the reaction of the American diet freak, meticulously tracking the level of cholesterol in the blood, when he is served for breakfast with jelly and mustard sandwich with bacon. Incidentally, in the English word for “salo”, is so infrequent that the Americans and Europeans are trying to explain what it is in such manner: “natural cool frozen salted pork fat.” Those who count calories and are ready to pay higher prices for skim milk, are horrified with only description of such a product, and they will never eat this.

–         So, Americans, even at the first business meeting are smiling broadly, Russians prefer to keep themselves strictly. For American smile means openess, the pleasure of a new acquaintance. From the viewpoint of the Russians, it shows lack of seriousness of the partner, which is incompatible with its status, and even of his insincerity. For Russians and Ukrainians the usual distance during the communication is a little more than 20 centimeters. Europeans and Americans consider it an invasion of the “personal space.”

–         You can also observe one more difference. In Russia and Ukraine it is normal when two girls, like old school friends, are linking their arm through arm. The gesture, a perfectly natural for Russian and Ukrainian women, but for Europeans and Americans it will seem very eccentric.

These are main peculiarities of Slavic women; we hope that this information will help you build happy and prominent future.

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